LEGOLAND Florida FREE Teachers Annual Pass, Field Trip Guide, and More Deals

Legoland FLorida LEGOLAND Florida FREE Teachers Annual Pass, Field Trip Guide, and More Deals
LEGOLAND Florida, the 150 acre full-day theme park designed to blow the mind of kids and adults alike is slated to open October 15, 2011 in Winter Haven, FL. Central Florida’s newest theme park will feature more than 50 family rides, shows and interactive attractions, restaurants, shopping and botanical gardens. LEGOLAND Florida is located in Winter Haven, FL which is southwest of Orlando and just east of Lakeland. Map of LEGOLAND Florida.

LEGOLAND is offering a pretty incredible deal for certified Florida teachers, deals for seniors, special pricing on field trips and more.

Here’s a summery of the best deals on LEGOLAND passes and tickets.

  • If you are an active, certified teacher in the state of Florida, LEGOLAND is giving you a FREE standard annual pass. You’ll need your most recent paystub, Florida photo ID and teaching certificate to receive your pass. This pass has a value of $129. FAQ about the LEGOLAND teacher free annual pass.
  • If you are a parent of a 2nd grader in a Polk County public school, your student is entitled to one complimentary school field trip to LEGOLAND Florida for the 2011-2012 school year starting in November 2011. More details on the Free LEGOLAND fieldtrip for Polk County students. Make sure to let your teachers and administrators know!
  • If you are an educator in the public or private school system, LEGOLAND Florida is offering a significant discount for school field trips. For trips taking place from Nov 2011 – April 2012, the price is just $5 a ticket ($5 for teachers and chaperones too). There is a minimum 15 paying students and additional adults and siblings may be added, up to a maximum 1 adult/sibling per 1 student. More details about public and private school field trips to LEGOLAND Florida (bottom of the linked page).
  • Homeschoolers in groups of 15 or more can purchase self guided field trip tickets for $25 each. One complementary ticket is given for every 15 paid tickets. There are also other stipulations as to what qualifies, so check out more information about LEGOLAND Florida Homeschool Field Trips.

Legoland statue of liberty LEGOLAND Florida FREE Teachers Annual Pass, Field Trip Guide, and More Deals

Looking for the worst deal for LEGOLAND Florida admission? How about the $2,500.00 Ambassador pass? That’s right. $2,500 for a lifetime pass. Let’s do the math. Say you purchase an Ambassador pass for your 5 year old child or grandchild. For the same $2500, you could purchase an annual pass for that child every year until they are 25 years old and still not have broken even. If you have $2,500 to spend, you’d spend less buying annual passes for (3) five year old kids every year until they are 12 years old. What are the chances that this child will stay interested and live close enough to LEGOLAND for the next 20 years?

OK, let’s get back to the good deals.

  • Single day tickets are $65 for adults, $55 for kids & seniors.
  • Standard annual passes to LEGOLAND Florida are $129 for adults and $99 for children/seniors.
  • Plus annual passes add free parking and dining and retail discounts. Adult plus passes are $159 and children/senior passes are $129. Could you upgrade just one of your child’s annual pass to a plus for the free parking and discounts? It works at other Florida attractions like Disney and Sea World, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t at LEGOLAND.
  • A Senior Garden pass is advertised as an annual pass for the botanical gardens, but it is really a weekday annual pass for all of LEGOLAND Florida for seniors. It costs only $60 for seniors 60+ and includes standard parking!
  • AAA has discount tickets available for members. The best AAA deals are on the single and 2 day tickets.
  • Other LEGOLAND discounts have been spotted at the Toys R Us registers, in Spirit (Southwest Airlines) magazine, and on Pepsi cans.
Legoland map thumbnail LEGOLAND Florida FREE Teachers Annual Pass, Field Trip Guide, and More Deals

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LEGOLAND Florida Calander LEGOLAND Florida FREE Teachers Annual Pass, Field Trip Guide, and More Deals

Looking for a job? LEGOLAND FL is hiring.


  1. Tonya says:

    Great post. You found a lot more info than I did last week. :)

  2. OBD says:

    Thanks Tonya!

  3. Mike says:

    Homeschoolers and Home School Umbrella Schools in groups of 15 for $25 ea. Public / Private Schools in groups of 15 for $5 ea. Not such a great deal if you are one of the 75,000 kids in Florida that Home School. Vent!

  4. Billianna Austin says:

    Mike, I just spoke to 800 number if your homeschool group is affiliated with a licensed school or group (FPEA was mentioned plus others) your group can schedule a feild trip. One adult chaperone is comped for each paid 5 students. Parents can join students for same price of $5. I just recall FPEA as it is the qualifying one for our local homeschool group. Proof of homeschooling for each student is required. The website did not make this clear.
    I just came on to check as I received an email link from FLL group that a homeschool group was taking reservations for 6 each. I am guessing the group is including a $1 administration fee to cover their time and expense of organizing the trip.

  5. Rob says:

    You’re incorrect on the Ambassador pass. It gets you into all the Legolands in the world (including all future ones) along with many of Merlin’s other attractions such as Madame Tussaud’s.

    • OBD says:

      Thanks for the comment Rob. I have corrected the information on the page. At the time I wrote the post, I believe it was correct. Perhaps the information has changed? Thanks again.

  6. Michelle says:

    Pretty unconstitutional of them to require proof. Are they asking for proof of the public school kids? You can get homeschool ID’s of course..but you shouldn’t HAVE to do so.

    However, if you’re willing to comply with this arbitrary requirement:
    If you’re enrolled in a private school, then your kids aren’t homeschooled anyway (per Florida law) but private school students. Get a letter from your private school.
    Ask the school board for a copy of your letter of intent if your child is home educated (according to Florida law)

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