Fortress Hill Martial Arts And Weapons, and A Coupon

Earlier this week we launched Orlando’s Best Coupons. We are partnering with businesses we think you will love, and bringing you deals through exclusive coupons from those businesses. Today we are featuring Fortress Hill Martial Arts.  See our current coupon for Fortress Hill Martial Arts.

Picture 6 Fortress Hill Martial Arts And Weapons, and A Coupon

Did you know there is a guy living right here in our town who is a 2x Martial Arts WORLD CHAMPION? Not to mention a hand to hand combat expert, weapons expert, and Martial Arts National Champion many times over! What I’m trying to say is…if you were walking in a dark alley, you would want this guy with you. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

While that’s impressive, the best part about James Sang Lee is that he has a heart for teaching kids and adults alike all of these skills, and he does that in his Dojo in Longwood, Fortress Hill Martial Arts. At Fortress Hill, there are many different types of programs to choose from:

Youth Martial Arts:
(Grade school – high school)

  • This program promotes self confidence and discipline, opportunities for competition, tournament organization, leadership development, and local mission opportunities.
  • Ninja Night- Last Saturday of each Month. 5 – 9 pm. Ages 5-12. Drop your children off for a fun night of martial arts activities and games. Food included.

MMA Mixed Martial Arts:
(high School, College, Young Adult)

  • Program focused on free fighting, the best of grappling and stand up striking.

Picture 51 Fortress Hill Martial Arts And Weapons, and A CouponWeapons:
(classial, modern)

  • Specialized training in classical weaponry for sport competition include nunchaku, tonfa, staff, sword, stick, knife, kama, chain whip, kwan do, spear, and many others.
  • Specialized training in Modern weapon applications for close quarter combat include tactical baton, kubotan pocket stick, pr-24, defensive edge, and firearms.


  • These courses are designed to help prepare the average citizen for any threat to their person in their home or outside their home.
  • Concealed Carry classes are also available.

Fortress Hill also hosts two Martial Arts tournaments each year. The Terra Cotta Challenge in April, and the Fighting Lion Championship in December.

If these classes sound like something you’d like to try, head over to our coupon page to print out the current Fortress Hill coupon!

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