Orlando Sentinel Now Charging For Website Content – Details and Money-Saving, Helpful Tips

If you rely on OrlandoSentinel.com for breaking news and sports coverage, you’ll now have to either pony up as much as $11 per month, or find a new source for news. If you are a regular at the site, then you may have already seen this:

Orlando Sentinel Join Now Pop up Orlando Sentinel Now Charging For Website Content Details and Money Saving, Helpful Tips

The Orlando Sentinel has started to charge a subscription fee to access their online content. If you want to view more than 15 articles per month, you’ll need to sign up for a digital subscription. The details can get a little messy, so we’ve sifted through the FAQ page AND the MORE FAQ page, and put together the need-to-know details.

  • If you are a 7 day a week home subscriber to the Orlando Sentinel, then you will get FREE access to the online content. To activate your free subscription, click here and choose “activate now”.

Orlando Sentinel Subscription Activate Orlando Sentinel Now Charging For Website Content Details and Money Saving, Helpful Tips

  • If you are a delivery subscriber, but get it delivered less than 7 days a week, then a digital membership will cost you $6.99 every 5 weeks. Your payment method will be billed automatically every 5 weeks (that’s about $72/year).
  • If you do not receive the paper at home, then digital access only will cost you $12.99 every 5 weeks ($135/year).
  • To start your digital subscription, click here and choose “join now”.
  • To qualify for the cheaper digital subscription, check out our deals on Orlando Sentinel home subscriptions.

Orlando Sentinel Subscription Join1 Orlando Sentinel Now Charging For Website Content Details and Money Saving, Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips:

  • Orlando Sentinel App Orlando Sentinel Now Charging For Website Content Details and Money Saving, Helpful Tips Remember, you can read up to 15 stories per month for free, even if you don’t have a digital subscription.
  • Up to 4 devices can be logged in, viewing content at Orlando Sentinel at the same time using the same user ID. So, normally there is no need for a single household to purchase more than one subscription. Just make sure everyone has the user ID and password.
  • Some areas of the website, such as Vacationstarter.com, El Sentinel and Hot Deals, are viewable to everyone.
  • Most articles and other content accessed on smart phones or tablets through the mobile site (mobile.orlandosentinel.com) or on Orlando Sentinel apps will not count towards the limit. Downloading the iPhone, Android, or iPad app is a FREE way to view Orlando Sentinel content!
  • If you don’t currently subscribe to the Orlando Sentinel at home, you can save over $60 per year on your digital subscription by subscribing to a less than 7 day home subscription. Check out the current home subscription deals to see if one is right for you.



  1. John says:

    Why bother? The Sentinel is drivel anyway…..a clone of WFTV and the other sensational local stories.
    I can get local news every half hour on the radio, get national news on any number of radio, television or news outlets.

    Who needs ‘em?

    • Professor Genius says:

      There are some ways to bypass the limit, such as using another browser or installing a Firefox addon. Read the following article. I think you’ll find it enlightening.


  2. Brian says:

    I used the sentinel web site regularly and supported their advertisers as well… Not anymore! WAY to many free site’s to use.. Even if they go back to being free they have lost my loyalty forever… Good Luck with the whole charging thing….

  3. Jordan Knight says:

    What a joke……no way in hell I am paying to view their site. I really enjoyed having access no longer living in Orlando but I feel its ridiculous that they are charging to view online.

  4. BWCheng says:

    bye bye OS!

  5. Eorlando says:

    There are many other free ways to get news. See you later!


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