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A couple of weeks ago Todd and I had the opportunity to take our son and try the “Pottery Wheel Experience” at Super Awesome Cool Pottery, located off of South Orange Ave in Orlando.  Like many of you, I have been to the “paint your own pottery” places where you pick a plate or tile or piggy bank off of the shelf and spend your time trying desperately to make it look like one of the ones on display….only to realize when you go back to pick it up that it looks more like a 2nd grade art project! (wait, is that just me?)

While those places are fun, what was really cool about Super Awesome Cool Pottery, other than the name of course, was the fact that you actually get to MAKE your pottery. From an actual lump of clay! It was amazing. I felt like a real artist! It helped that there was a real artist there to help me, but you don’t have to tell people that when you show them your gorgeous finished product. Amanda was our “helper”, and she guided my hands on the wheel and told me what do to, and then really let me do it. If I messed something up, she would help me fix it.

I know what your are thinking, and yes, the song from “GHOST” does play in your mind while you are at the wheel. Demi and Patrick however, did not show up.

Here is what to expect from your Pottery Wheel experience:

Step 1

Pick the size bowl you want to make: Small $15 , Medium $20, or Large $25


Step 2
Make a bowl with an artist. Don’t worry, they will do all the hard parts while you do the fun parts.

Step 3
Pick your colors from over fifty choices while your bowl dries (it’ll take about 15 minutes).

Step 4
Paint your masterpiece. they recommend three coats for the most beautiful colors.

Step 5
Give your email address so they can remind you when your work is done.
Step 6
Go back in 14 days and pick up your work.

It’s that simple…and a ton of fun! I have to admit I was really impressed with how my bowl turned out. It is actually pretty! This would be such a fun place to go with a group of friends for a girls night out, or even a bridal shower! They do birthday party packages and private classes too, so if you have a budding artist in your family this would be the perfect place to go. I would even go do this again by myself!

Super Awesome Cool Pottery is offering our readers a 20% off coupon, so go and give it a try. I know you are going to love it as much as we did!

For more info: 407–452–2452 

6100 South Orange Ave. Orlando Florida, 32809

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